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Image Edit Expert is a professional image editing service provider with ten years of experience in the art of optimizing photos to bring out their best potential. We aim to satisfy the earnest desire of photographers, e-commerce sellers, real estate businesses, private individuals, etc. for an image whose quality is unmatched by our image editing service. 

As a result, we render high-end photo editing services for photographers, fashion designers, agencies, luxury brands, jewelry, cosmetics, sportswear, automobiles, and generally, just about any industry. Our range of services includes background removal, clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, shadow making, photo restoration, and e-commerce image editing. These services also span color correction, jewelry retouching, neck joint, wedding photo editing services, professional photo editing services, and other Photoshop services.

At Image Edit Expert, all the services and bulk photo editing we carry out are handled by a team of 400+ experienced individuals who are skilled in the manipulation of images. Each team member has been rigorously evaluated to ensure that they can deliver unique photos on time. The latter is in a bid to maintain our reputation as one of the best photo editing service providers in 2019. Their skills and dedication have made them the best image editing service company.

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  • Clipping Path/ Image Editing Price Survey: How much do you charge for clipping path/image editing?

    At Image Edit Expert, the starting fee for clipping path/image editing is as low as $0.29. What this means is that you're getting a cheap image editing service on a platter of gold. It's even better when you consider the fact that the quality of images is maintained and as such, the budget-friendly price you'll pay is not at the expense of high-quality photos.

    On the same note, there are different types of clipping path service, and these are the simple, medium, complex, and super complex clipping path. Each of these varies in price and that being so, what you'll pay is dependent on which you settle for.  

    Now let's break each element down:

    ● A simple clipping path (start price of $0.29)

    ● A medium clipping path (start price of $0.6)

    ● A complex clipping path (start price of $1.5)

    ● A super complex clipping path (start price of $5)

    A closer look at these prices and their comparison with what a good number of image editing service providers are offering shows that this is one of the most inexpensive services. While the cost savings may not look like much, if you're working with hundreds or thousands of pictures whose quality needs to be improved upon, then your take home at the end of the day will be quite significant.

    Over and above that, a wide range of payment methods we have provided means you're not limited to just one option. Whichever you choose is dependent on which is most convenient for you to facilitate payments for your image editing needs. Thus, you can either make payments with a Visa or Mastercard credit/ debit card, as well as American Express, and Paypal. 

  • Who is best at background removal service?

    Image Edit Expert is the best service provider for background removal service, and this can be attributed to a number of reasons. For starters, we have a proficient team of 45 designers who have a vast knowledge of photo editing. This high number of skilled graphic designers ensures that there are more than enough hands to remove unwanted backgrounds that are stealing the attention from an image's subject.

    Image Edit Expert is also the best for its ten years of experience in editing the simplest and most complex of all images. As a result, we know of a certainty that isolating backgrounds in your image will be a breeze. The reason is, time and again, we've helped over 1,000 customers all over the world in industries such as Art, Real estate, Marketing & Advertising, eCommerce, etc. to give their images a natural and appealing look.

    What's more, we employ the latest technology in photo cutout service to ensure that the best is offered to our customers. Thus, whether it is a basic, simple, medium, or complex image background removal service, you can trust us to deliver high-quality photos. The latter is in line with our aim of making every penny a customer will spend count and as such bring about customer satisfaction.

    There's also the clipping path and photo retouching service at Image Edit Expert to look forward to. A combination of both services can give a resultant pic that has been enhanced from what it was before. In the end, you'll come to love it and so will your customers. Moreso, the chances of getting their valuable reviews and recommendation for your product or service is high.

    Lest we forget, the fast turn around time of 24 hours or less even when handling thousands of photos daily that are in dire need of a background replacement, is full proof that we can work dedicatedly to meet your tight schedule. These benefits and many more have made Image Edit Expert a strong contender in the photography editing industry, and so you too can rely on service.

  • Why do we need high-quality product images for e-Commerce sites?

    High-quality images for e-commerce sites can do a lot of good for the product that is to be sold. These product photos hold a lot of power because they are the first thing a potential buyer sees, even before reading the product description. The reason cannot be farfetched since images give a better visual representation and relevant information about the product in question. Images also serve as a high determinant of whether or not potential buyers should purchase the product.

    What this means is that as an eCommerce retailer, you need to make the first impression count. And what better way than with an image that stands out and brings out the best features in your product? Such an image in your e-commerce store must be high in resolution, convey the right message of great value about your product, and load as fast as possible.

    Furthermore, great looking product photos on an e-commerce site make its design stand out. That being so, it can properly represent your brand and leave something worth remembering in the minds of your customers. Think of it this way; if the images are of good quality, then it can encourage a site visitor to click through to the products to peruse through them. Who knows, their next course of action may involve pulling out their credit cards to make a purchase.

    The listed above are only a glimpse of what you potentially stand to gain from using unique, high-quality product images on your e-commerce site. Now that you know the secret to sell a product online, it can be made possible by taking it one step further after hiring a good photographer. Such images can be retouched, which brings about the need to hire one of the best image editing service providers.

    There's no need to search for an expert designer because, at Image Edit Expert, we offer e-commerce photo services that have been specifically tailored to online products that need to be sold. All it'll take is to work with us by delivering those product photos. We'll get started by creating the best quality photos that can bring about an increase in conversion.

  • How do you choose the perfect photo retouching company?

    In order to get professional photo retouching services, it is important to choose the best photo retouching company. A lot of time and effort is not needed to do so, especially if you know what to be on the lookout for. That being the case, consider some of the following factors when outsourcing a photo editing company.

    Quality Work:

    Peruse through the website of your potential service provider and judge for yourself if they can deliver quality work. It's also good to judge the type of services they offer, such as wedding photo retouching services. Sites in this niche usually have a lot of images on jobs they've completed, and most times, these images are unique. Now if they had taken the same time and effort to design theirs, chances that they'll do the same for yours are high.

    The Number of Skilled Designers:

    In your quest to find the best photo retouching provider, you need to settle for one that has a high number of skilled graphic designers. It means they have more professional hands on deck, and as such, it can go a long way to determine the quality of your photos and how fast they are delivered. That being the case, take the extra time to know how many experts are working for such a company.

    Cost of Service:

    Finally, there are cheap retouching services to be on the lookout for, and if a company offers such, it can be a cost-effective solution for your image editing needs. Keep in mind that as a photographer or online seller, you may have hundreds if not thousands of images to work with. As such, you need to settle for a company like an Image Edit Expert who offers one of the best deals out there without compromising the quality of your photos.

    Customers' Reviews:

    If all fails, you can always fall back on customer reviews from those who have hired the photo retouching company. Were they satisfied or dissatisfied? What were their complaints and which selling point did they applaud? It would go a long way to help you determine the quality of service that is rendered by the company and if it is worth it. It also gives you one more way to understand what the service is all about instead of relying only on the promises of the service provider.

  • What are the best image masking services?

    The best image masking services require that extra time, care, and attention be paid while removing a background from an image whose edges are soft. The process helps to expose the soft edges such as the hair, fur, doll, etc. and in return, this helps to give the image a look that is more natural in comparison from its original look.

    Accordingly, the best image masking service providers will ensure that the utmost care is given while handling your images. To that effect, tools in Adobe Photoshop are employed to make this possible. Some of these tools include the magic eraser tool, background eraser tool, and the color separation technique. Image editing service company will ensure that your photo looks professional.

    In the same vein, there are also image masking techniques best known to a professional which can ensure that the tools are utilized to their best potential to give you a picture that is pleasing to the eyes. Also, there are different types of image masking services that are employed depending on the goal that is to be achieved.

    The various types include:

    ● Clipping mask

    ● Color masking

    ● Object Masking

    ● Refine edge masking

    ● Fur and hair masking

    ● Translucent object masking

    ● Transparent object masking

  • What are some best image editing/retouching solutions for eCommerce?

    Images presentation is key to making a sale and driving higher sales. Thus, photos are important to every business, and the same can be said about eCommerce websites. That is why it is essential to know the image editing requirements and techniques that are best suited to your industry. Therefore, the best image editing or retouching solutions for e-commerce include clipping path, background removal, cropping, color correction, shadow creation, image masking, ghost mannequin neck joint, and alignment.

    Let's take the ghost mannequin service; for instance, it can help to remove parts of the plastic used to advertise items of clothing in the raw image. Similarly, the parts where the plastic is removed can be joined to form a new image. In the end, distracting parts that would've drawn the buyer's attention from the product are cropped out. The best part is, the clothing still takes the shape of the mannequin upon which it was worn.

    Background removal, on the other hand, will focus on removing the current background of your product image to replace it with a white background. This is because background of this nature is known to make all the product's features stand out. You'll also notice that a good number of products if not all on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other online stores feature a white background.

    These aside, if you're trying to advertise apparels, then your images must be optimized with image masking, cropping, and neck joint. On the other hand, if you're the photographer of these products or the service provider, in question, then additional steps of clipping path, color correction as well as shadow creation (reflection shadow or drop shadow) must be implemented.

    When each of these has been put in place, you would've given the customer better retention of the product information through images. Moreover, you would've satisfied their need and curiosity to see all the product entails without clicking several pages. Now, you can relax and watch your images bring high conversion to you.

  • What are reasons of background removal services?

    So, why exactly do you need a background removal service? There's more reason than one, and we'll spell it out quick. You need Image Edit Expert's background removal service to make your images livelier and keep the viewer's attention on the subject in your image. This is because certain backgrounds can be quite distracting and as such, makes the tiniest details skip the eye of the viewer.

    On the contrary, if distracting items are removed from the raw picture using this photo manipulation technique, the eye can focus more on what's important. It'll come to appreciate it more given the level of quality design that has been put into making the image one of a kind. What this means is that you can spend more time capturing images of a product at its best angles instead of wasting hours physically adjusting the background it sits on since this can be manipulated later on.

    The post-processing method images through the use of background removal also come with the benefit of making products on e-commerce sites stunning and more appealing. Here's what it looks, if you're a seller on Amazon or eBay, your photos can be made to have a white background which has been known to make the product stand out. A white background also reduces eye stress and helps you to adhere to the image guidelines of third-party e-commerce sites.

    While the service mainly aims to take off the current background, there is also the potential to create a fake background in a bid to add a touch to the subject. That is to say; backgrounds are not so bad all the time depending on the message you're trying to send out. If you've always desired to visit somewhere famous, you can make it your dream come true by having an image of it in your subject even without physically being there.

  • What is a clipping path in Photoshop?

    Clipping path in Adobe Photoshop is the process of isolating a background from an image ina bid to make the subject stand out. Clipping path is also referred to as closed vector path, photo cut out, deep etch, etc. and these terms try to describe the act of outlining and removing an image's background.

    The purpose of clipping path is to create more stunning images that can grace magazines, e-commerce websites, brochures, web pages, among other platforms. However, it's maybe worth noting that the clipping path is best suited for subjects which have a hard edge instead of a soft one such as fur, hair, doll, etc.

    Furthermore, there are different types of clipping path, and these are:

    ● Single clipping path

    ● Multiple clipping path

    ● Simple clipping path

    ● Complex clipping path

    A single clipping path creates one path for an image while a multiple clipping path is employed for complex images. There's also the simple or basic clipping path that involves the selection and removal of the background on a single solid image. Complex clipping path, on the other hand, is used when more detailed work has to be done on an image whose level of complexity is high.

    Each of these methods can be used to create crisp images that can be used for advertising, promoting products on Amazon, eBay, etc., and representing a brand. In terms of marketing, it'll go a long way to showcase the product's best features which could translate into a sale.

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At Image Edit Expert, all the services and bulk photo editing we carryout are handled by a team of 50 experienced individuals who are skilled in the manipulation of images


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