Clipping Path/ Image Editing Price Survey: How much do you charge for clipping path/image editing?

At Image Edit Expert, the starting fee for clipping path/image editing is as low as $0.29. What this means is that you're getting a cheap image editing service on a platter of gold. It's even better when you consider the fact that the quality of images is maintained and as such, the budget-friendly price you'll pay is not at the expense of high-quality photos. 

On the same note, there are different types of clipping path service, and these are the simple, medium, complex, and super complex clipping path. Each of these varies in price and that being so, what you'll pay is dependent on which you settle for.

Now let's break each element down:

● A simple clipping path (start price of $0.29)

● A medium clipping path (start price of $0.6)

● A complex clipping path (start price of $1.5)

● A super complex clipping path (start price of $5)

A closer look at these prices and their comparison with what a good number of image editing service providers are offering shows that this is one of the most inexpensive services. While the cost savings may not look like much, if you're working with hundreds or thousands of pictures whose quality need to be improved upon, then your take home at the end of the day will be quite significant.

Over and above that, a wide range of payment methods we have provided means you're not limited to just one option. Whichever you choose is dependent on which is most convenient for you to facilitate payments for your image editing needs. Thus, you can either make payments with a Visa or Mastercard credit/ debit card, as well as American Express, and Paypal.