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clipping path A closed vector path or shape which is used to cut out Images in a Photo Editing Software. Manual clipping path is generally used for two purposes: Cutting an object out or wrapping text around it. Clipping path is called “The Mother of Photo Editing Services.” Most of the Editing Services (like photo retouching, background removal, color correction, image masking, shadow making) need Clipping Path Services. It’s the Primary level of Editing.

Nowadays, there are several types of software's that you can use to get this service. But hand drowning Clipping Path Services is the best option for Photo Selection. For E-commerce Site, Manual Clipping Path is the first required path. Image Edit Expert provides you the best and the finest Clipping Path Service. We have highly experienced and skilled Graphic Designers and they have been serving our clients for more than 10 years with a good reputation. We have the capability to provide our clients more than 3000 images in a day. There are many kinds of Clipping Path Services. To get more information about the best clipping path service provider, Please read below.

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What is a clipping path?

In Photoshop, a clipping path is a vector graphic that outlines an object like a trace around an edge. Clipping paths are usually used for one of two purposes: to cut off an object or to wrap it around.