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Jewelry retouching services offer an opportunity for pieces of jewelry made of gold, precious stone, silver, or even counterfeits to be used for exhibition, promotional, or marketing purposes. As a photographer or business owner who knows how invaluable this process is, it may still be difficult for you to remove odd reflections in images, properly place mannequins, and eliminate color casts, dust, and scratches. But Jewelry Retouch Services and the best Jewelry photo editing services help with that.

That being so, it all boils down to settling for one of the best jewelry photo retouching services providers such as Image Edit Expert. A company of this nature can take the extra time and effort to edit a photo address the problems prevalent in a jewelry photo shoot and provide you with Jewelry retouch Services.

Distracting elements can also be ridden off to present perfect pictures of jewelry that are exceptionally out of this world. So whether you wore it to an event, or gathering, or have taken a photo shoot, the style can be portrayed effortlessly. 

In the intricate world of jewelry, where precision and aesthetics reign supreme, our commitment to excellence shines through in our provision of the best jewelry photo editing services at affordable prices. Crafting a captivating visual story for your exquisite pieces is not just a service but a passion for us. Our team of skilled editors understands the nuanced artistry required to showcase jewelry in its true glory. From enhancing gemstone brilliance to perfecting metal tones, we meticulously attend to every detail, ensuring that each piece radiates its inherent beauty.

What sets our jewelry photo editing service apart is the harmonious blend of quality and affordability. We recognize the unique challenges posed by jewelry photography – the need for impeccable clarity, color accuracy, and intricate detailing. Our skilled professionals utilize advanced editing techniques to bring out the inherent brilliance of each gemstone, creating images that captivate and inspire.

Affordability is a cornerstone of our service ethos. We believe that exceptional jewelry photo editing should be accessible to all, regardless of the scale of your business. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you receive top-notch editing services without breaking the bank. Whether you're a budding jewelry designer or a well-established retailer, our commitment to affordability enables you to elevate your brand imagery without compromising on quality.

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Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

So, what does the jewelry photo retouching services entail?

Jewelry Retouching Service is an image editing service that specifically focuses on bringing out the sparkle in pieces of art. In this case, the art is pieces of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Light and color correction tools are used during the service to showcase the expertise of the creator piece of jewelry in a bid to make it more appreciative to the eyes. 

Also, the big idea is to make such gems shine and increase the potential of a customer to make purchases. Good Jewelry photo editing services like ours can help with that.  While a DSLR camera may try its best to capture such items in the best light and even reproduce the tiniest details, the image still can turn out less than expected. Good jewelry photos, on the other hand, which have been optimized, can turn out to be fancier after professional editing and Jewelry Retouch Services. 

It's also worthy to note that a good number of images have jewelry that is worn by a model, mannequin, or propped against something. During jewelry photo editing, these other elements can be removed to allow the jewelry to be the only object in the background. As a result, the eyes are enticed to focus more on its design without being distracted by the model, mannequin, or holder. 

To that effect, you'll find processes such as flaws evacuation, honing, jewels retouching, lickers and reflections revision, shading redress, photo background removal amongst several others as part of the service. All that is required is a jewelry retouching software like Adobe Photoshop, and everything will fall into place. There's even the possibility for a jewelry video editing, but that's for another day. 

Types of Jewelry Retouching Services

There are several types of jewelry retouching services, and each can serve the purpose of bringing your photo closer to a better state. These service providers aim to show the jewelry in the best possible light since artificial light can cause a stone to lose its glimmer as well as polished silver, aluminum, and golf to lose their luster. Nonetheless, the processes which involve high-end photo editing techniques can ensure that images that are more than meet the eyes are created. Accordingly, these services include:

1. Jewelry Shadow Creation: 

Shadow creation through the addition of 3D effects or shadows is part and parcel of this service. It'll also take a designer who has a keen eye and great expertise with the use of Photoshop and Lightroom tools to make these effects happen. A shadowy look of your jewelry image can make it more realistic and appealing to the eyes.

2. Background & Mannequin Removal: 

Another important aspect of retouching is the removal of backgrounds which can eliminate other objects that have stolen the attention from the jewelry. The background though great may be unsuitable for the primary object and as such, needs to be removed. There could be scratches and smudges in the background which may bring about a need for cleaning. 

Background removal services also clip out mannequin from the picture, which could potentially improve the outlook of the image. You get the same shape without the object sticking out in certain places. The latter is made possible by replacing the missing pieces that were blocked by the mannequin. 

3. High-End Jewelry Retouching: 

High-end jewelry retouching seeks to improve the look of the jewelry in a photo that has been captured. The jewelry may have been a masterpiece, but the camera may have failed to present it in the best light. As such, the jewelry can be flattered through this service. In this case, the Pen tablet or graphic tablet is employed as a great tool for photo retouching. What this means is that an extra step is taken over the use of photoshop to achieve a finer retouching. 

4. Scratch & Dust Removal: 

Flaws can be a part of the picture, and they may be evident in scratches and dust. However, it does not mean that they cannot be eliminated to restore the true advertising potential of the jewelry in your photos. All it'll take is to remove the appearances of a flaw, polish the image, and finally give it its much needed flawless look. 

5. Jewelry Color Correction and Editing:  

Jewelry multipath color correction and editing service come with a promise of making the jewelry's texture stand out and the stone shine. For the image to convey its true appeal, the lighting must be improved to give the perfect shade, color, and brilliance. This and many more add up to give a remarkable piece of art that is worth gawking at. 

6. Recolouring of Gold and Silver: 

There's a color correction on the one hand, and there's the ability to entirely change the color on the other side. That being so, a white gold metal can be transformed into colors such as silver, gold, 24 karat gold, rose gold, gold plated, etc. If you already have each of these colors for purchase in your online jewelry shop, then you can make it easy for your customers to visualize what they'll like to get when such a color is purchase. 

7. Repainting Shine on Metal: 

Metallic parts in a piece of jewelry can attract reflections that are unwanted and when that happens, it could tamper with the look of the object. The reflection can be caused as a result of a reflection of the photographer or that of the background and color that is 3 meters within the vicinity. 

Similarly, the metallic parts that do not shine or look smooth can be repainted to restore their shine. In the end, its texture can be kept natural while distracting elements are removed from it. 

Ideal Approach to Getting White Background Jewelry Pictures

The best way to get a white background for jewelry would involve one of two things. The first is outsourcing the expertise of a photo retouching service provider while the other is doing it yourself.

Without having to spell it out, you know which one is better which is the first. Outsourcing image retouching services come with the promise of being faster and being more professional than the latter. Instead of basing your work on trial and error, you can allow a team of experts to rock their minds together on how best to deliver your images in the right light. 

How to Take Photos of Jewelry Products

While Jewelry retouching comes with the promise of offering better images, you can take it one step further by ensuring that your photos come out even more better. It begins with knowing the right conditions to see them and then the rest will play out.

That being the case, determine what type of item you're working with. Does it have matte hues, or is it stocky with dots, then a simple setting will do just fine. If it's a simple piece of jewelry, then you can go ahead a take the photo on a sheet of paper before sending it to an image editing company. 

On the contrary, if it's gleaming stones on small jewelry such as rings or little studs, then a better option would be settling for a DSLR camera for the shooting. If there's no DSLR camera around, the camera settings of the current one can always be adjusted to improve its picture capturing capability. 

Who Needs This Post-Production Services

E-Commerce websites, photographers, models, and just about any platform out there needs to take advantage of the Jewelry retouching services. It becomes needful given that jewelry is most times a part of our dressing. These accessories are meant to beautify and as such, their aim can be made easy to attain.

Let's take e-commerce websites, for instance, they could feature the same ring, necklace, earrings, etc. in different colors and shades. If these products are available, to begin with, they could save the store owner the time and effort of having to snap it again. Also, site visitors can be made to understand what different colors can offer in certain cases. 

Why You Should Choose Image Edit Expert

Jewelry retouching service is an important part of any business that needs to show quality photos to customers in a bid to make huge sales. However, your ability to achieve this is highly dependent on the image editing company you settle for. It's out of the question that Image Edit Expert is the best and as such, here are some reasons people in India, U.S., Australia, the UK, as with several other countries have employed our services:

1. Professionalism: 

Your images are important to us even if they are showcasing inexpensive jewelry. Thus, you can trust our professional jewelry photo retouching to deliver high-end pictures to you whose quality has been enhanced from the average look it once touted. The latter is made possible through our use of the latest tools and software for photo editing and activity carried out qualified and knowledgeable personnel. 

2. Competitive Prices: 

Our low-cost prices scheduled into packages makes it a cheap jewelry retouching service. There's no reason to break your bank just to get your photos to attain high quality and capture your audience's attention since it's as inexpensive as it gets. It makes it easy to be less worried about covering huge costs after drop hundreds or thousands of photos with us. 

3. Security and Confidentiality: 

Images shared with us by our clients are safely and securely stored away from prying eyes. We do not also share such information with third party sites, hence, your images are between you and us. That is to say, the level of security we place on images we work on is high. 

4. Fast Delivering Times: 

All of this would prove futile if the images in question were not delivered on time. That is why we avoid procrastination or giving you excuses as to why your work has not been delivered when scheduled. If you've trusted us to handover your pictures, then we can prioritize it to ensure that it is returned even before the deadline has exceeded.


Jewelry retouching services are a must undergo process for your images if that masterpiece must be flaunted to its best. There's the potential to entice a large audience just by removing the background, mannequin and any other unwanted materials that may have stolen the spotlight from the jewelry.

At Image Edit Expert, we can make each of these a reality and even more. Whether it's a jewelry that cost a fortune or goes for a fair price, its quality can still be made to shine. Our aim like yours is to ensure that sales are made, viewers are appreciative of the photos' used in magazines, and you too can have the satisfaction of a job well done. It all begins by contacting us for your jewelry retouching services. 

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  • What is Jewelry Retouching?

    Jewelry retouching is an image editing process of highlighting the exquisite features of pieces of jewelry. Retouching aims to attract online jewelry shoppers to these objects and make more sales.

  • What is the best jewelry retouching software?

    Adobe Photoshop is one of the best jewelry retouching software. Other tools that can be employed include GIMP and Pixlr. However, it is left for a professional image editing service provider to make the most of these tools

  • What is high-end jewelry retouching?

    High-end jewelry retouching is synonymous with jewelry retouching. It involves improving the quality of a raw photo of the jewelry. An enhanced photo makes it easier to bring in sales. 

  • What are the best jewelry photo editing tips?

    Choose the sharpest photographs for photo retouching to preserve quality. Also, a black acrylic panel helps to reflect gold better than silver. Use color schemes that suit your jewelry. 

  • What makes good jewelry retouches?

    The use of the latest photography software by a professional image editing service provider to enhance necklaces, earrings, bangles, etc. In the end, the details of the image would've been improved significantly. 

  • How do you take professional pictures of jewelry?

    You can capture jewelry in the best light by cleaning it, using a macro lens, and stabilizing your camera. You also need to focus on precision and choose the correct white balance. 

  • What are the best jewelry retouching techniques?

    Some retouching techniques employed during jewelry retouching include jewelry color correction and editing, recoloring of gold, and silver. Others are repainting shine on metal, jewelry shadow creation, scratch & dust removal. 

  • How to Photoshop jewelry into a model?

    Find photos that can match easily. Resize one of the jewelry photos to fit the model image and then remove the background in the jewelry picture. Employ the Eraser tool to remove the unwanted portions of the image.

  • What is the best way to get white background jewelry pictures?

    You need the following: Lightbox, Clamp lights, 100-watt daylight light bulbs, Camera, a good setup, and a photo editing software.